A complete communication system. App included.

13 million accounts don’t lie!

Cloudspeaker™ is the first organizational communication system built on two decades of experience. Cloudspeaker’s core notifications technology has been providing organizations in multiple industries the ability to keep everyone informed, all the time.


For the Community

Your community is 10 times more likely to take a survey on a mobile app than anywhere else.

For Administrators

Branded community apps increase image by 5% and community involvement by 10%

For Everyone

70% of the U.S. population has a smartphone, a statistic that is rapidly growing each year



  • “Cloudspeaker has allowed us, as an association, to communicate to EVERY resident on our property. Email is not the standard form of communication with all of our residents...and with a diverse demographic, the language capabilities allow us to reach anyone.  When sending out information related to storms or property projects, this system gives us the confidence that we can reach everyone and in a timely manner. Our touch rate is over 90% and updating contacts can be done in the click of a button.  We have been using Cloudspeaker for over 2 years now, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any community."

    Kelly BrittenLifestyle Director, Castle Group
  • “In January 2012...we shut off 104 customers, contrast that with the number of customers that we shutoff in January 2013 shortly after we began using Cloudspeaker and we only had to shut off utilities for a total of 49 customers. That’s more than a 50% reduction in shut offs thanks to Cloudspeaker."

    Tyler City Treasurer
  • "The process of sending a message is quick and easy. I love being able to select an area on a map for who I want to receive the message. Residents can even report problems right from their app."

    Deb BushnellPublic Works, Payson City
  • "In a world where people like to receive instant news; being able to communicate with an entire community instantly on our mobile app is an added bonus that our city is excited to offer."

    Justin LewisCity Recorder, Smithfield City
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