Outbound Notifications

With Cloudspeaker’s core notification technology, it’s possible for you to send out instant messages to everyone in your community—whether they have a smartphone or not. Last year, the Cloudspeaker system sent out over half a billion messages: pre-recorded phone calls, emails, push notifications, and text (SMS) messages.

Also, by using our powerful web interface, you can also send notifications to a specific map area—it’s as easy as drawing a boundary and hitting send.

Inbound Notifications

It takes a lot of work to maintain a city—and that’s just counting the issues you know about! Let residents submit their own work tickets and stay on top of all the little things.

Shop Local

Push traffic towards your local businesses, let users see where all the local deals are happening, and organize your businesses into categories for quick searching.

Better together

Using traditional notifications in tandem with a mobile app lets you give your community rapid, relevant messages wherever they are.

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Features List

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our SaaS architecture means no extra hardware required – simply open your browser and start communicating!



Mobile app with your branding

Your city’s name, logo, colors, and message

Instant mass notifications

Push notifications, SMS, phone calls, emails, and more

Neighborhood-specific messages

Send notifications to specific map areas

Service requests

Road maintenance, sewage, signs, lights, and more

Shop Local

Complete local business directories with categories

News & Social Media

Keep everyone up to date on what’s happening in your city

City Officials Directory

Help people find the number they’re looking for

Events calendars

Boost attendance by directly advertising all those events you’re hosting

Digital Surveys

Find out what what residents are most concerned about while saving time and money

Language support

Automatically translate messages into 50+ languages

Resource Library

Easy access to forms, flyers, and newsletters

And much, much more!

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